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Alpha Based Capital is a Dutch investment fund which exclusively invests in American shares using proven quantitative strategies. Alpha Based Capital is under the supervision of the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets and is an open-ended mutual investment fund. 

The investment objective of Alpha Based Capital is achieving a return of at least 12% per year, after costs, regardless of the direction of the market. We will achieve this through long and short investments in liquid shares for short periods which have been listed on the stock exchanges of the United States of America regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”). 

Alpha Based Capital primarily focusses on private and professional Dutch investors with a focus on absolute returns. The investment policy is characterised by quantitative strategies focussed on finding market inefficiencies in pricing of shares. This is combined with consistent risk management of the positions. Alpha Based Capital adopts both long and short positions in individual shares. The managers of Alpha Based Capital have invested a substantial part of their own capital in the fund.

Alpha Based Capital Fund Management B.V. is the independent administrator of Alpha Based Capital and is licensed by the AFM based on the Act of Financial Supervision (WFT).

The administrator is registered in the license register of the AFM with number 15000804.

Alpha Based Capital has ISIN NL0010831079 and can be purchased through most banks that are connected to the Euroclear/Fundsettle platform. Alpha Based Capital can also be found on Morningstar.